What is warehousing?

  • Glad you asked! Warehousing is a service that Guaranteed Comics provides for select vendors to store their comic books at our facilities to accelerate the sale process. 

Where do my comic books go if I decide to Warehouse?

  • Your comic books will be stored in our temperature controlled facility in plastic, heavy duty, acid free BCW short boxes. 

How does Warehousing speed up the process?

  • Warehousing speeds up the process by sending your comic books to Guaranteed Comics before they actually sell. This gets the verification process started before a buyer purchases your comic book. We can also get the grading process started as well.

What does Warehousing cost?

  • Our warehousing service starts at 2.99 per short box (about 150 bagged and boarded comic books), billed at the beginning of the month. 

Can I cancel my warehousing account?

  • You can cancel anytime and any comic books you have with us will be mailed back to you at your expense. The service is billed at the beginning of the month, if you cancel before the end of the month you have until the next billing cycle to arrange for your comic books to get shipped back to you or you will be charged another month. 

Warehousing sounds great, where do I sign up?

  • It does doesn’t it? Due to space constraints, we are currently accepting a limited amount of vendors, Please email us at warehousing@guaranteedcomics.com to inquire about availability.