At Guaranteed Comics we want to ensure that our customers get the comic book that was listed on our website. Guaranteed Comics advises our sellers to use a mailer specifically made to ship comic books. A Gemini II mailer or a BCW comic shipper are ideal to ship comic books without damage. These mailers are designed to fit in bubble mailers to further protect the comic book. If you have never shipped comic books, below is a step by step guide on how to ship your comic books to Guaranteed Comics.

  1. Have comic book in a bag and board, taped closed
  2. Place bagged and boarded comic book in between two pieces of cardboard and tape it down to the cardboard to minimize/eliminate movement
  3. Place cardboard and book in the shipping mailer and secure it with tape
  4. Close shipping mailer and tape shut
  5. Place comic book mailer inside of a bubble mailer and ship to Guaranteed Comics.

Please follow this guide to ensure the comic book arrives at Guaranteed Comics without being damaged. Guaranteed Comics will do an inspection as soon as the comic book arrives for any potential damage and then it is hand delivered to our third party to get checked for restoration and graded.