Guaranteed Comics was born out of the frustration every comic collector and seller has gone thru. Whether it be the “eBay NM” book that comes back at FN or the buyer that clearly did not read “NOT NM, tear on cover” and returns the book because it wasn’t a NM book. These problems have been with the comic book community for decades. An earnest effort was launched to curb these issues with the advent of “Encapsulated”/“Slabbed” comic books in the late 1990s but all that did was create a second market and left the “Raw” books to flounder in the wind with the same issues. Guaranteed Comics is the world’s first comic book marketplace for comic book collectors and connoisseurs. 


Pretty simply actually. At Guaranteed Comics, the raw comic book buying experience is super simple. 

First, a seller lists a comic book for sale, inputs the grade of the book, describes the book and sets their price. 

Next, a buyer selects that book and purchases the book at checkout. Once the buyer goes through the checkout process, the seller is notified of the sale of his/her book via email and sends his/her book to Guaranteed Comics using our shipping standards. 

Once the book arrives at Guaranteed Comics, we do an initial inspection for obvious/common sense disqualifiers. If the book passes this stage, it then gets hand delivered to our third party (CBCS-Comic Book Certification Services) to get authenticated and graded. 

Once the third party gives the book the final grade, the book is then sent to the buyer (if it passes the grade the seller initially input) or it gets sent back to the seller (if it doesn’t reach the grade the seller initially input). That’s it!


Our goal is to be THE marketplace for comic book collectors and connoisseurs.

To support our journey in becoming THE marketplace for comic books, we partner with community approved third party grading companies to verify condition, authenticity and potential restoration. 

If your product is found to be inauthentic, a lower grade, restored or not as described, we’ll notify you during our verification process and offer you a full refund for your order. 

It’s our hope that, through our efforts, we can create a safe and trustworthy global marketplace.