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In honor of our first newsletter, I wanted to take a moment and recognize another famous firsts. No, this is not going to be your normal, everyday writing about first appearances in comic books because everyone knows the highlights (or lowlights, I’m looking at you X-Force 1). Instead, I’m going to share equivalencies to certain famous first appearances.

1. First appearance by small Canadian powerhouses that are known for love triangles – Wolverine in Hulk 181[i] and Rachel McAdams in 2004’s Mean Girls.

Now, I know what you are going to say, “The first appearance is actually in The Hot Chick and not Mean Girls” but I assure you, the former is a cameo and the latter is the actual first appearance. Just like McAdams, Wolverine’s first appearance has been disputed for some time and I’m not going to move the needle either way. I can only repeat what is known, The Incredible Hulk 180 is his cameo and 181 is his first appearance. Now before we get to the love triangles these two are known for, lets size each of them up.

Now that you understand what we’re dealing with, let’s rank the love triangles that made our subjects famous.

1. Tied for first place is Owen Wilson/Rachel McAdams/Bradley Cooper in Wedding Crashers (2005) and Wolverine/Jean Grey/Cyclops:

These two triangles are the epitome of why these two are so well known. In Wedding Crashers, we see Rachel McAdams struggle to choose between what her heart tells her and what her family expects of her. Bradley Cooper’s breakout cameo in this movie was perfectly cast and adds to the push and pull of the relationship. Owen Wilson on the other hand is not the most believable “heart wants what the heart wants” male lead, but his comedic timing on the other end of the movie is what carries the character. In this movie, we see the beginning of Rachel McAdams’ sweet spot, the unsure, innocent, gullible, impressionable, beautiful filling of the love triangle sandwich. Wolverine’s archetypal bad boy is buoyed by his memory loss’ vulnerability. Jean’s helpful demeanor and willingness to help anyone was, in hindsight, the perfect pairing for Wolverine’s broken mind and short temper. Scott Summers on the other hand is the quintessential All-American good guy, just like Bradley Cooper.[ii]

2. Rachel McAdams/Eric Bana/Time in The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009): Coming in strong at number 2, we are introduced to the benevolent character Time, which plays a part in several movie love triangles and has even crossed over into motivational sayings like “You can’t buy Time” or “Time heals all wounds”. Much like when Thanos wanted to impress Death, Time was vying for the attention of Rachel McAdams. Eric “Bottom of Hulk totem pole” Bana does an admiral job in trying to win in this triangle but in the end, “Time is undefeated”[iii].

3. Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams/Other Guy in 2004’s the Notebook:

Although this is considered a triangle, the fact that 90% of you reading cannot remember who the other guy[iv] in the triangle is, pushes it down the power rankings. I could say it is Chris Pine or Cary Elwes and most people would nod their heads in agreement. The hard work that Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling do on their side of the triangle equation pushes this trio into this position. Along with the creative storytelling and seeing this couple in their older years cements their position at number 3.

4. Wolverine/Mariko Yashida/The Yashida Clan:

From the pages of Uncanny X-men 118 to 2013’s The Wolverine, the chemistry between Mariko and Wolverine is palpable. The only things that could have come between these two was responsibility and duty to her family for Mariko. The Yashida Clan does what every ruthless criminal organization does, give ridiculous and life altering ultimatums. Mariko always chooses the family clan and Wolverine having to stop the pain of his love interest could be construed as drinking from the well too often (see dark Phoenix), but it still gets you right in the feels.

5. Domhnall Gleeson/Rachel McAdams/Time in 2013’s About Time:

Making a second appearance or X-Men 266[v] if you will, is the character Time. Although Time is present in many other love triangles, (2006’s The Lakehouse or even 2014’s Interstellar come to mind) none of those movies have Rachel McAdams’ perfect casting and experience with Time to make them memorable love triangles. Before he was the loveable Hux, Domhnall Gleeson played a great, aw shucks, everyman with an incredible ability to go back in time. Using this superpower, he does what every awkward, red headed male would do and goes back in time to fall in love with Rachel McAdams. Realizing Time is not something to be trifled with, he stops the love affair and settles down with McAdams.

***Honorable mention: Wolverine/Adamantium/Magneto***

Comic Book Spotlight

Our friend @ragetheo on Instagram recently showcased a beautiful Amazing Spider-Man Volume 3 Issue 4, the first full appearance of Silk, a Korean-America girl who is bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter Parker! I think this cover is so cool and is really recognizable. With the live-action movie on the way, now may be the time to snag a copy, or two, or three! Before they get crazy out of hand. And not to toot our own horn, but there may some high-grade copies available here.

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We’ve had so much support and love[vi] from the comic book community in these first few weeks, it’s really overwhelming. Thank you all for the support and we’re excited about the things we have brewing for you all in the near future. If you haven’t done so yet, give us a follow on Instagram @guaranteed_comics and don’t forget to sign up for the really cool giveaway of Amazing Spider-Man 300 CGC 8.0 and Venom 3 3rd printing CGC 9.4 signed by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman! We are also setting up a special email for feedback, if you have any feedback for us or would like to see us do something with the service, website or just want to drop us a line, use


And with that, we come to the conclusion of our first Newsletter. I hope this was different and enjoyable for you all. I want to give a special thanks to IG: @averagejoeart for the really cool Wolverine/Mcadams artwork(if you’ve read this far check out this limited print, first few get it free). I also want to thank Nate Johnson (IG @nthnjohnson) for helping with every aspect of this newsletter.

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[i] I purchased my Hulk 181 in 2012 on the Friday of a 3 day Comic Convention. I was with my cousin and we were walking in to the convention a little late. As we were walking in, we bumped into a slightly older gentleman that was leaving the Con and had a backpack on. We exchanged pleasantries and the topic came up about selling comic books. He said he was trying to sell some books, but the dealers were offering peanuts. Always the opportunist, I asked what he was selling and what they were offering. He said a couple different books that I wasn’t privy to and then two beautiful words came out of his mouth; Hulk 181. I quickly asked to look at it. Not the greatest copy, but still, a bonafide first appearance of Wolverine! He said the dealers were offering him between $100 and $150 but he wanted $400. I knew it was worth $400 all day, but I didn’t have that, so I shot my shot and blurted out “I have $220”. He looked at the book, looked at me and said, “Deal!” I borrowed twenty dollars from my cousin to complete the deal and that was it. I blew my entire budget for the Con in the first random encounter picking up a grail I thought would be out of my reach forever. I got it signed by Stan the man and slabbed the same year and now it will probably be a family heirloom.


[ii] Bradley Cooper would make one hell of a Cyclops. James Marsden did a hell of job in the original X-men franchise, but Cooper could take it to another level. Yes, I know, but he’s Rocket Racoon in the MCU. He is the voiceof Rocket Racoon and I’m sure he would not have an issue pulling double duty to play an iconic character like Cylcops. Other actors that would make great Cyclopses, or is Cylopsi’s? Anyways, it’s Cooper, John David Washington, Randall Park or Dev Patel. Lots of different ages and angles here but all of those would be interesting nonetheless.


[iii] The best saying about Time is “Time is undefeated” and in close second place is “I wish you had more Time”, this saying was said by none other than John Creasy when he stuck an explosive up the rectum of a bad guy in 2004’s Man on Fire, right before said bad guy exploded from the inside because he lacked time.


[iv] The other guy in the Notebook is James Marsden. See how James Marsden and Bradley Cooper are kind of interchangeable. He’d be a great cyclops.


[v] X-Men 266 available at


[vi] There have been a few non-believers or just plain haters but they can disagree or vilify us but they can’t ignore us.

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